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Services aux visiteurs1
Only 20 minutes away from Montreal, the International Balloon Festival offers several services to its visitors. Those are: information services, services for families, services for disabled people, locker and stroller rental services, and many other general services. There is a little bit of everything at your disposal to make your experience at the International Balloon Festival absolutely magical!

Information services

  • Information Booths

Free services for families

Service Center

Infant’s Corner and the “wet wipe” Corner

Location: Boulevard of flights

Designed specifically for festival going parents and toddlers on the site of the International Balloon Festival, the Infant’s Corner provides with: private nursing rooms, changing tables, microwave ovens, access to wash cloths, and all equipment to give visitors with young children a worry-free experience (diapers – wipes –  antibacterial gel) the services of St. John Ambulance will also be available at the Centre.

Block Parent and wheelchairs

Location: Main entrance

Always aiming to better serve festival-goers, the Service Center is located at the entrance of the event site and offer wheelchairs. Services of Block Parents will also be integrated into the Centre. You will be able to identify your children with bracelets to maximize their safety.

Services for disabled people

  • Adapted toilets
  • Parking / Access ramps installed at the tent entrances
  • Reserved section in front of the stage to assure maximum comfort
  • Wheelchair rentals at the stroller rental booth

Service for recreational vehicles

Paying recreational vehicles area

  • RV sanitary dump station
  • Dry toilets
  • Water source to fill your reserve (not drinkable water)

Locker and stroller rental services

  • Stroller rentals
  • Wheelchair rentals
  • Lockers

Catering service

Other general services