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The board of directors
of the International Balloon Festival Corporation of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

From left to right: Jean Fontaine, vice-president, Paul Bellefleur, treasurer, Martin Massé, administrator, Éric Boivin, operations director, Mélanie Dufresne, president, Daniel Tremblay, administrator,  Benoit Lemay, administrator et Douglas Clarke, administrator.

Mélanie Dufresne


Jean Fontaine


Douglas Clarke


Paul Bellefleur


Benoit Lemay 


Martin Massé


Daniel Tremblay





Éric Boivin

Operations Director

Maxime Gomeau

Production Director

Jonathan Landry

Production Coordinator

Julie Trottier

Human Ressources Coordinator 

Lucie Piscollo

Finance, projects and subsidies Coordinator



 Team 2019 

On the left side from the last row there is:: Jonathan Landry, Marianne Lapointe, Maxime Gomeau, Mélissa Leblanc, Claude Surprenant, Thomas Brunet, Martin Dubé, Junior Bombardier, Francis Claing, Pacey Vanier, Jade Gardner-Poulain, Marie-Claire Giroux, Geneviève Côté, Maxime Leblanc, Félix Lussier, Nicholas De Lisle, Nadia Bachand, Sophie Gervais, Maria José Apréa, Caroline Bolduc, Sylvie Déziel, Charlotte Rivard, Sarah-Michèle Nadeau, Danica Bilodeau, Alexandra Boutin, Frédérique Camaraire, Natalia Gomez, Alexis Boyer, Zachary Apréa-Ricard, Frédérique Juneau, Florence Létourneau, Rebecca Ostiguy, Larissa Jenkinson, Éric-Alexandre Jeanson, Éric Boivin, Catherine Girard, Julie Trottier, Shanna Serra, Kim Lehoux, Marie-Ève Lessard, Thierry Poulin, Robert Brodeur, Sabrina Poulin, Caroline Briand, Pascale O. Poliquin, Tomassina Bolvari Bergeron, Joa Berthille Raneza, Nina Mashali. Absente : Jessica Robillard. Photo Le Canada Français – Jessyca Viens-Gaboriau


Special thanks to the Volunteers!

Every year, almost 1600 people give their time as volunteers for the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and help in departments such as animation, the service centers, the pursuit teams, maintenance, and security. Every volunteer is essential to this organisation and is a part of its growing success.

The International invites everybody who wants to challenge themselves and live an amazing work experience to volunteer with us.

Want to be a volunteer ?

Become a volunteer