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Please note that the registration form does not need to be completed on your first visit. You can enter only the information you know and return once you have all your documents in your hands. From year to year, you can return to your profile in order to modify the necessary information.

Manage your pilot account:
– Login to your online account.
– Fill out the online registration form.
– If you want to add a pilot or a balloon, click on ADD in Pilots and Balloons section. The  information you need to fill will be displayed.
– Upload your documents (pilot license, medical certificate, biennal flight review, pilot log book, proof of insurance coverage, registration certificate , airworthiness certificate, balloon annuel inspection, etc.).
– Documents will be approved or refused directly on the registration platform once the Balloon Team has analyzed them. You will therefore be able to return regularly to your profile to add / modify documents and to have a follow-up of the documents that you must provide to complete your registration.

Useful tips:
– You will be guided through the online registration: a step must be read and accepted before you can move on to the next one.
– All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
– Remember your password if you want to edit or add information. If you forget your password, the system will be able to send you a new one.
– A second pilot (or co-pilot) must provide the same mandatory documents as the main pilot.

– Your registration does not guarantee your participation. The Balloon Committee will confirm each attendance by e-mail.
– Deadline for registration: to come.
– Deadline for submission of documents: to come. Please take the necessary steps to ensure that your documents are renewed on time.

If you have questions or if you find an error please report them to Michèle Boutin-Delisle or call at 450-346-6000 ext. 231.

Register as a pilot