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Why i’ll be going back to the International balloon festival this summer!

Whether it’s for the multicolored balloons or to see our favorite artists up on stage, any reason is a good one when it comes to convincing my friends they should accompany me to the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Here are some of the reasons why I’ll definitely be joining the party, from August 13th to 21st!

First, the balloons! They’re splendid! To see one up close is already pretty impressive. Huge and colorful, they’ve got everybody talking. Now imagine them taking off by the dozen! In total, around 125 hot air balloons from across the globe will float over the beautiful Haut Richelieu region. I can guarantee it’s a sight that will leave you speechless and that you’re not close to forgetting. Plus, it’ll make some great pictures for you to share on your social networks! Believe me, the likes will flow on your Instagram account. And that’s without mentioning the night glows! If you have never witnessed this amazing show, that alone should convince you to come to the festival. Once the sun is down, the balloons are maintained to the ground and lit up like giant Chinese lanterns; it is truly breathtaking.


Of course, there are the shows. I don’t know about you, but seeing my favorite artists on an outdoor stage with my friends is one of the things that make summer that much cooler. Especially with a lineup like the one proposed by the festival this year! There are shows that catch my interest scheduled every single day. Emerging artists, kids’ shows, local and international artists… there is really something for everyone! As for me, OMI, Ariane Moffatt featuring Galaxie and DJ Champion are on the list, as well as Laurence Nerbonne, Half Moon Run and Metric, Mentana, 2Frères, and so many more such as Francesco Yates, Redfoo, and Brett Kissel…


BouffedeRueAnother thing that makes the festival so appealing is the food trucks. Everybody knows that summer rhymes with BBQs and fresh salads, especially after you’ve spent the day running through numerous activities! But no worries, the festival has everything you need to satisfy your hunger! With its catering zone and 8 food trucks, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find something incredible to eat. My personal favorite is probably Gourmet Acadien’s lobster poutine which will be back again this year. You can be sure I’ll also be trying all the new offers! Even Europea Mobile, signed Jérôme Ferrer, will be on site with its foie gras poutine and its braised beef… sundae!


manegeThen there are the rides and balloon structures that are a must. Year after year, the International Balloon Festival partners with Beauce Carnaval to offer visitors a great choice of rides, including the very popular… Zipper! For the little ones, Planète Ballon and its inflatable structures will be much appreciated. It’s not surprising that the festival is referred to as the most family friendly festival in Quebec, thanks to its 1 500 000 square feet of activities!

Finally, if I go back to the International Balloon Festival every summer, it’s mainly because of the sparkling atmosphere. Everybody is in a great mood, and smiles are contagious. We can really be proud of our region because of this festival of international reputation, where it’s always fun to come and enjoy the sun, music, activities and of course… the balloons!  

Geneviève Côté

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