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What are the opening hours?

Weekdays at 2:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday at Noon.

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How much do the activities cost?

The activities, entertainment, shows and taxes are included in the entrance fee. Rides and parking are additional.

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How much do the rides cost?

1 coupon: $1.75*

14 coupons: $20.00

36 coupons: $40.00

Coupons needed for one ride : 3 or 4 coupons

1 one (1) day bracelet: $26.00

1 nine (9) days bracelet: $45.00

*Taxes included

Is there a discount rate for those 65 years old and older?

No. Those 65 years old and older pay the regular adult entry.

Are people with reduced mobility given a discount rate?

No. However, if a person with reduced mobility is accompanied by a Kéroul guide, the guide is entitled to free admission.

How much does it cost for the parking?

Cars $ 10,00 / day

Recreational Vehicles (No facilities) $ 25,00 / day (The first 4 days) $ 20,00 / day (From the 5th day).

Note: Entry into the site is not included for those paying for recreational vehicule parking. The parking ticket is valid for the entire day with return privileges. Opening time of the Recreational vehicles’s Park is on Thursday, August 9th, 2018 at noon).

Bus Free entrance in the site for the driver and free parking lot.

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Is it possible to leave during the day and to return without incurring an additional cost?


If a person wishes to leave the site and return during the same day, they must present the bracelet given to them at the purchase of a one day entry at the Festival when they want to return to the event site.


You can return to the Festival with a valid parking ticket for the day.

Are animals allowed onsite?

No. No animals are allowed onsite, except guide dogs.

Can we bring our own chairs?

Yes. However, surfaces reserved for chairs are clearly marked. No chair is allowed in front of The Loto-Quebec Stage. The areas intended for chairs are arranged behind of the walkway.

Is there a reserved access for people with reduced mobility?

There is a specially arranged platform for wheelchairs beside the control booth in front of the passageway. Each person in a wheelchair is entitled to 1 chaperone.

Please note that wheelchairs that are borrowed from the Service Center are identified and are not allowed on the platform.

Are there places reserved for the public in front of the stage or is it first-in-first-serve ?

There is no reserved seating. However, a giant screen on The Loto-Quebec Stage is installed for everyone to see the nightly shows clearly.

Which city parks host the morning flights?

The Balloons are scattered throughout 8 various parks in the city and each will fly, weather conditions permitting, from the same park throughout International Balloon Festival event.

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What are the morning and evening flight times for the Balloons?

In the morning, the Hot Air Balloon flights start at 6:00 am in the 8 parks of the city.

In the evening, the flights take place at 6:00 pm on the fair grounds, weather permitting.

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Which payment methods are accepted at the International Balloon Festival?

At the ticket booths, cash, debit cards and credit cards (VISA and Mastercard) are accepted. ATMs are placed at your disposal to make banking accessible. It is possible to pay cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard at all ticket booths.

At what time do the shows start?

Different shows take place at various times throughout the day. Major shows take place every evening around 8:00 pm on The Loto-Québec Stage.

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What activities take place during the day?

Activities are offered throughout the day, and for all ages.

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Can you reserve a Hot Air Balloon flight?

Yes, it is possible to take a flight in a balloon. For any questions, please click on the link below.

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Are snacks allowed onsite?

Of course! Snacks are allowed. Shaded picnic areas are set up throughout the grounds. On the other hand, alcohol, glass and portable barbecues are prohibited.

How far are the parking lots from the site?

The parking lots are located on the event site.

What are the Night Glows?

Properly distinctive and unique to our Festival, the Night Glows are the amazing spectacle given by balloons, held on ground at night’s fall, and lit like Chinese lanterns. After a successful experience of sharing social media messages live onsite last year, pilots and their chase crew members invite you to take part in the not-to-be-missed fire and wind show by getting ready to share #MONTGOLFIERES. It’s a rendez-vous from 11th to 19th of August!

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Can I come by bicycle to the International Balloon Festival?

Racks for bicycles are installed outside the site, near the pedestrian entrance. However, bicycles are prohibited inside the site.

Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages from outside?

Snacks are allowed, but alcoholic beverages and glass containers are prohibited. The International Balloon Festival offers a beverage tent where it is possible to get beer and spirits. 

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Is solicitation allowed onsite?

No. It is strictly prohibited to solicit in any way, regardless of cause or subject. 

What happens if the evening Balloon flight is cancelled?

In the event of an evening flight cancellation due to weather conditions, a ticket for one day, valid for another day during this edition or the following one, will be given free of charge to visitors with a one day ticket only, on the condition of leaving the site before the beginning of the major show presented that evening at 8:00 pm.

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What do I do if I lose something during the festival?

Anyone loosing an object must inform an employee at an Information Booth to find out if the object in question was found and brought to the lost and found. Please note that the International Balloon Festival is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Where may parents safely drop off their children and pick them up near the event?

There will be a Drop-off area at Pierre-Trahan park, at the intersection of Frontenac and Vaudreuil streets. Parents will be able to safely drop off and pick up their children next to the event. To ensure a safe crossing of boulevard Gouin, there will be increased police surveillance.