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Did you know the International Balloon Festival sets in motion many social, economic and eco-friendly initiatives and has done so for over 10 years now?

In fact, the organization continuously manages the event in responsible ways considering the choice of suppliers, the characteristics of materials and energy sources used, efficient waste management, the choice of responsible food and transport services on site.

Conscious of its ecological footprint, the International Balloon Festival wishes to maximize positive outcomes and does so by applying rigorous regulations concerning responsible management onsite. To do so, the Festival plans and puts forward concrete tools, plans ahead and evaluates its sustainable development actions year-round.


Here are some of the organization’s positive social actions:

  • Elected a coordinator for the “All for Green and Green for All” program at the International Balloon Festival
  • Ease access to persons with reduced mobility
  • Redistribute non consummated food supplies to local charity organizations
  • Offer affordable access to families with low income
  • Employ young adults through social reinsertion programs
  • Offer free public transportation to all passport holders and holders of official access passes such as volunteers. Over 5,000 people benefits from free transport services.
  • Allow families to pack a lunch for picnics onsite
  • Develop partnerships with organizations, hotels and major tourist attractions in the region
  • Favor the participation and employment of regional staff members, exhibitors and artists


Here are some of the organization’s concrete economic repercussions and actions:

  • Purchase in a responsible manner benefiting local suppliers
  • Favor purchases of products and services from Quebec in all sectors
  • Recruit and employ staff members and employees for the region accordingly to the City’s policy (+90 %)
  • Ensure important economic repercussions regionally (18 million dollars)
  • Create 800 jobs seasonally


Here are some of the organization’s concrete positive eco-friendly actions:

  • Renew the sustainable development policy and ensure its promotion
  • Ensure a presence of a Green Team onsite (Awareness Team)
  • Favor the use of reusable products
  • Use the Website and information tools to ensure the promotion
  • Provide all 1,600 volunteers with a reusable containers for drinks
  • Raise awareness amongst the 1,600 volunteers and 450,000 festivalgoers to eco-friendly transport choices
  • Favor eco-friendly transport modes and offer festival-goers bicycle racks
  • Raise awareness towards the 4 R-V : Reduce, Reemploy, Reuse, Recycle and Value)
  • Compensate greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbone credit in Brazil

The International Balloon Festival’s pledge towards sustainable development principals is formal. To do so, the organization wishes to collaborate with a larger number of people to reduce its environmental imprint.


Considering the environmental impact of putting on a major event such as the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, we are dedicated to minimize our ecological footprint and raise awareness amongst our teams, visitors, suppliers, partners and sponsors, in relation to the following target areas:

Waste Management

  • Reduce waste at its source
  • Maximize the reemployment of material
  • Reuse, year after year, decor elements built onsite
  • Ensure the optimal management of waste
  • Favor the use of the Internet in communicating, reducing the use of paper
  • Aim for waste recuperation objectives in our annual or triennial planning

Social and Economic Actions

  • Encourage partners and others involved in raising their awareness of sustainable development practices while favoring contracts with eco-responsible and local partners
  • Favor local equipment rental services rather than purchases
  • Use selection criteria to acquire or rent services and products and favor those respecting sustainable development principals.
  • Maximize the economic repercussions in the Haut-Richelieu region and ensure the profitability of the event
  • Continue to offer an affordable price for families to attend
  • Offer a site accessible to persons of reduced mobility
  • Offer the possibility for regional citizens to do volunteer work, for organizations with little income or of social reinsertion nature to work for pay
  • Pledges to observe responsible actions in regards to water and energy management for instance and the promotion of public transportation
  • Favor and sustain the active participation of artists from regional arts and culture scenes
  • Offer employees, volunteers and festival-goers an environment favoring healthy lifestyles and security

Information, Awareness and Visitors and Partners Education   

  • Raise awareness amongst the visitors, suppliers, partners, employees, administrators, committee members and sponsors towards eco-friendly actions
  • Communicate the event’s sustainable development initiatives
  • Presence of a Green Team onsite
  • Favor suppliers with sustainable development values
  • Support management and our board of directors in their will to engage in a green certification process

Environmental Policy Scope

The environmental policy sustains the decision making of our general management and board of directors according to three main sustainable development principles:

  • The social development and maximal integration of our community
  • The economic development and profitability of the event
  • The eco awareness in each of our actions


The Green Team is an Awareness Rising Team, deployed onsite by the organization to bring festival-goers towards eco-friendly management of waste. The International Balloon Festival ensures itself of the respect of its pledge towards sustainable development.

Onsite, the Green Team will deploy time and energy to raise awareness to over 400,000 festival-goers and make sure the event’s meets its set high standards in responsible management.

Through simple gestures such as throwing out trash and recycling in appropriate ways, the Green Team will have the mandate to keep the festival at its greenest.


Festival-goers are invited to play an active role in our organization’s green initiatives. Each festival-goer may contribute to the event’s carbon neutral objective by reducing his own ecological footprint and notably reducing overconsumption of resources, waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions with concrete actions such as:

  • Dispose of recycle matters and wastes in appropriate containers onsite
  • Bring a reusable water bottle to minimize bottled water consumption
  • Favor eco-friendly transport modes such as public transportation or carpool
  • Purchase local and Quebec-made products


  • Identification of the supplier

  • Commitment to sustainable development

  • Sustainable development meets the needs of the present and future generations, building on a long-term vision that takes into account the indivisibility of the environmental, social and economic dimensions of development activities.

  • Social consideration

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