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Book a flight

The sky is the limit!

Reserve now for a Hot Air Balloon flight!

Reserve online or by phone at 450-346-6000 

Please note that the form on the flight and the passengers (chosen date, name and weight of passengers, etc.) may be filled after payment.

Please note that as of Thursday, August 10th 2017 at 11:59 PM, you will have to book a flight at least 2 days prior the desired date. For example, if you want to reserve a flight on Monday, August 14th, you must do it before Saturday, August 12th at 11:59 PM.



Flight time: 6 am in the launching parks, weather conditions permitting. Please note that you have to present yourself on the International Balloon Festival site and that the transport to the launching park is assured by your pilot’s chase crew. You won’t have to use your own vehicle to get back the the Festival.
Arrival time on the site: At the Passenger Zone at 5 am.
Rate: 180 $ per person, taxes and administration fees included. For morning flights, you won’t need a ticket to enter the site. For morning flight reservations received after July 31th, flight certificates will be available at the Passenger Booth. 



Flight time: 6 pm at the International Balloon Festival site, weather conditions permitting.
Arrival time on the site: At the Passenger Zone at 4 pm.
Rate: 220 $ per person, taxes and administration fees included. You will receive your flight certificate by mail, during the month of July. It will also serve as a ticket to enter the site and a parking ticket, for the number of passengers written on the certificate. However, additionnal festivalgoers (ex. family members) will need to buy additionnal tickets. For flight reservations received after July 31th, flight certificates will be available at the VIP Entrance (via Grand-Bernier), at the accreditation trailer. 


Do we have to be in a good physical condition to fly?

Passengers must be in good health and be able to climb up into the gondola by themselves. For security reasons, people who suffer from back pains, heart conditions, who are less than 4 feet tall, pregnant women and passengers under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to fly.

By accepting to fly in a Hot Air Balloon, the passenger holds the International Balloon Festival and the pilot harmless and accepts the inherent risks of such an activity. You will have to fill a Waiver and Release of Liability form before your flight.

Can I choose my Hot Air Balloon?

No. The booking system does not allow our passengers to choose the wanted Hot Air Balloon.

Where do I take my flight?

Mornings: You must follow the VIP entrance signs that will lead you on Chemin du Grand-Bernier and follow the instructions to the Parking for the morning passengers. You have to present yourself at the Passenger Zone at 5 am.

Evenings: You must follow the Public OR VIP entrances signs. Your flight certificate will be used as a ticket to enter the site. Then, go to the Passenger Zone at 4 pm.

Morning and evening: You must show your flight certificate at the Passenger Zone. The person in charge will give you your boarding pass to present to the pilot assigned to you.

What should I wear?

It’s really important to wear comfortable shoes (sandals and high-heel shoes are not recommended). Remember that you will be standing for all the duration of the flight. Morning and evening are a bit cooler bring a windbreaker or an extra jacket. For flights in the morning, you can wear boots to keep your feet dry if there is some dew on the ground. In the evening, we suggest you wear long pants since landings in a field often occurs at a time when mosquitoes buzz all over the place!

How long does the flight last?

A flight can take about an hour depending of the weather at the takeoff time. As a passenger, you should plan up to 3 or 4 hours of your time for the duration of the whole activity (meeting your pilot, preparing the equipment for the inflation, taking-off, flight, landing, storing away the equipment, the traditional ceremony, and going back to the starting point.).

What happens if a flight is cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled due to bad weather, you can book another flight during the 2017 event, or get a refund. Otherwise, you will lose your flight and won’t be refunded. However, for those who are not present at the time of arrival, no credit and refund will be given

Where are we going to land?

It’s impossible to plan where we are going to land. The strength and the wind direction show us the area where we are going, nothing more. Usually, we land on land where we can obtain the owner’s authorization, for example, in a field nearby a road to make the balloon recovery easier.

How do you get back to your starting point?

During the flight, the pilot is constantly in radiocommunication with his team on the ground, also called chase crew. The chase crew follow him everywhere and when the balloon lands, the team is on the spot to help the pilot pack up the balloon envelope and put all the equipment back in the trailer. Then, everybody gets in the truck to go back to the starting point.

Can I bring my camera or take pictures during the flight?

Of course! And we highly recommend you to immortalize these magic moments.


For any question:
Contact Michèle Boutin-Delisle
(450) 346-6000 or online: