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10 things you won’t want to miss at this year’s International balloon festival

Are you still hesitating on whether or not you should buy your 9 day pass to the International Balloon Festival? The list below won’t take long to convince you, and you’ll obviously want more than a day to enjoy all of the activities! Here are the top 10 things at this year’s International Balloon Festival you definitely won’t want to miss…

  1. The Laurentian Bank flights of 125 hot air balloons, each one more colorful than the other, in the skies of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Ten of them even have special shapes! This year, see special shapes Copter Boy and Flying Gator from Brazil, Carnival from the United States, as well as many pilots from around the globe ;

  2. Your favorite local and international artists performing on the Loto-Québec, Tim Hortons Star and Hydro-Québec stages during the 9 days of festivities. Throughout the festival, you’ll be able to see over 150 artists on the festival’s different stages. Amongst them, a couple of my favorites like OMI, Half Moon Run, Ariane Moffatt or Laurence Nerbonne, a new artist in Quebec’s musical landscape ;

  3. The biggest inflatable structure park in the world! Little ones will spend all of that summer energy, thanks to the colorful activities that await them in Planète Ballon;

  4. The chance to experience new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. The zone In the air, both feet on the ground will allow you to live or to see the take off of hot air balloons, no matter the weather ($) ;

  5. The presentation of the immersive musical show Résonances Boréales, in presence of the artist Roman Zavada : come and observe Taïga’s northern lights in 360 degrees under the dome located in the zone In the air, both feet on the ground. Enjoy the short versions in the afternoon, or the evenings special representations, during which you’ll also hear the pianists live music ($);

  6. A trip in the creature, a huge inflated structure that also happens to be… haunted! Back again this year with a new scenario, the creature will give goose bumps even to the bravest festivalgoers…;

  7. The rides of Beauce Carnaval : Who doesn’t love to go up the ferriswheel? Enjoy the stunning views of the festival grounds and witness the magnitude of the Festival from the top ;

  8. The demonstrations of Jackalope’s skateboard professionals: Canada’s biggest multi-sport event will take part in the festivities during the first weekend. A ramp will be installed, where local skateboarders will show off their talents. Athletes will also be teaching some skills to festivalgoers between showcases (gear will be provided);

  9. The Food Trucks, all more mouth-watering than the other: Is there anything better than a lobster poutine or a duck burger before heading to an evening show? ;
  10. The Craftsmen’s Walkway, displaying pieces by artists from our region. You’ll be able to find original creations made by hand by people filled with talent and creativity!

That’s without mentioning all the rest areas made available for festival visitors… with its 1 500 000 square foot of animation and activities, the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu has something for everyone! From August 13th to 21st, it’s the event of the summer! Hurry, tickets are still on pre-sale on our website.

Geneviève Côté

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