What it is important to know about Hot Air Balloons

How long does the flight last?

A flight lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour depending of the weather at the real takeoff time. As a passenger, you should plan up to 3 or 4 hours of your time for the duration of the whole activity (meeting your pilot, preparing the equipment for the inflation, take-off, flight, landing, store away the equipment, traditional ceremony and back to the starting point.)

How many person in a gondola ?

2 to 6 persons including the pilot can take place in the gondola. Depending of the weight of everyone, the capacity of the Hot air Balloon and its gondola, the number of place can change. It can be possible to be only 2 in the gondola but we cannot guarantee it. If you want to maximize your chances, we recommend you to arrive at the opening time of the passenger zone at 5 am or at 4 pm according to the hour of your flight.

What do you mean by unfavorable conditions?

Winds too weak or too strong (more than 12 km/h), rain and thunderstorms in a zone of 50 km are unfavorable conditions. On the other hand, it can happen that the conditions are unfavorable at 6 p.m. and that the takeoff is given 20 minutes later. Please note that if the takeoff is late, it can affect the flight duration. In all these cases, the pilots have to wait the « balloonmeisters »’s approval before the takeoff.

Why are the flights early in the morning or at the end of the day? (except in winter)

You can fly in summer and winter but, the only being difference is that in winter, we can fly at any hour of the day, whereas in summer, the flights are early in the morning or in the beginning of the evening.

A hot air balloon can fly due to the fact that the warm air is lighter than the cold air. Summer days, when the sun warms the ground, there is a phenomenon which, according to the thermal capacity of elements, creates more or less warm zones and whirlwinds which represent a risk for us. Flying early in the morning and at the end of the day, the ground is cold enough and the thermal phenomenon are practically absent, what allows us to fly safely.

How high can you fly?

A hot air balloon can fly up to 10 000 feet. During a flight, it is possible to fly only at a few meters permitting to see the trees and the river or fly at 1000 feet to have a better overview of the landscapes. Indeed, everything depends on the pilot, the passengers and the weather conditions.

Is it possible to guide a hot air balloon?

A pilot knows that according to his altitude, he can find winds of various directions. In a certain way, he can control his balloon.

Do we suffer from vertigo in a hot air balloon?

No we don’t because the balloon is not linked to the ground like it is for a bridge or a tower. In a hot air balloon, the vertigo phenomenon doesn’t exist! During the flight, the gondola is very stable and move hardly ever.

Is it cold the higher you fly?

We lose 2 Celsius degrees for each 1000 feet of altitude. Therefore, if it’s 20 Celsius degrees on the ground, we will have 18 Celsius degrees at 1000 feet and so forth. Furthermore, like the hot air balloon is moving at the same speed as the wind, you’ll hardly ever feel the wind in your face during the flight.