Tips for Parents
The information provided on this page concerns the 2013 edition. For the 31st edition's program, come visit our site in Spring 2014!

Because it is The Greatest family event in Canada, day and night, we want to tell you about all the services that will fill your family’s experience at the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu with magic!

Did you know that a drop-off area will be set up for parents to drop off their kids and meet up with them to safely drive back home?

Drop-off Area

New in 2013
A drop-off area will be set up at the corner of Frontenac and Vaudreuil Streets, in the Trahan Park, in order for parents who drop off their kids to safely meet up with them after the festival without circulating on Gouin Street. The drop-off area will be accessible by Gouin/Lafontaine or Gouin/Frontenac. The meeting point will be identified with signage.

Did you know that the world’s largest inflatable theme park is at the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu?

Planète Ballon

In a unique and spectacular area that will leave an impression on the imaginations of both young and old, about fifty inflatable structures for all ages will be offered to you. The place is a dream come true to climb, slide, jump and fly away!

* Many inflatable structures are specifically designed for children aged 0 - 5 years old.

Infant's Corner Express
Location: Planète Ballon
To meet the express needs of toddlers and their parents, Infant's Corner Express is strategically located in the area of ​​Planète Ballon. Festivalgoers will find: microwave oven, living changing and high chairs.

Did you know that services centres have been placed on site to answer all your needs for your babies and small children?

Jean Coutu Services Centers

Infant’s Corner and the The “wet wipe” Corner

Location: Boulevard of flights

Designed specifically for festival going parents and toddlers on the site of the International Balloon Festival, you will find: private nursing rooms, changing tables, microwave ovens, access to wash cloths and all equipment to help visitors with young children a worry-free experience (diapers - wipes - baby formula - antibacterial gel) the services of St. John Ambulance will also be available at this Centre.

Infant's Corner Express

Location: Balloon Planet

To meet the express needs of toddlers and their parents, Infant's Corner Express is strategically located in the area of ​​Balloon Planet. Festival-goers will find: microwave oven, living changing and high chairs.

Block Parent and wheelchairs

Location: Main entrance

Always aiming to better serve festival goers, the Jean Coutu Service Center will be placed at the entrance of the event site and offer wheelchairs. Services of Block Parents will also be integrated into the Centre. You will be able to identify your children to maximize their safety.

Did you know that you can speak with any of our employees, anytime, at the information kiosks to get informed or advised about the activities and services offered on the site?

Laurentian Bank Information Kiosks

To keep you to be fully informed, information kiosks under the banner of the Laurentian Bank will be installed on the site of the festival.

Additional information agents under the Laurentian Bank banner will be walking throughout the site to offer a “little +” by informing you about the activities and services offered on the site.

Did you know that your toddlers can practice their motor skills with a multitude of activities centred on numbers?

Laurentian Bank Little +

Inside this family-first entertainment zone, you will find the 1,2,3 GO! activity, a foam-filled obstacle course to help develop the motor skills of children from 0 to 3 years old. Your toddlers will also be able to visit make-up stalls, hairdressers and tattoo artists (temporary tattoos) in the The Laurentian Bank Little + House and be comically transformed! A multitude of activities such as distorting mirrors, a badge workshop, a sand box and fishing for numbers will also make it possible for the entire family to laugh and have fun.

Did you know that the International Balloon Festival offers a wide range of shows for children?

Family Stage

During the 9 days of activities, many children’s shows will be on hand and offered free to entertain your kids!
Visit the Children Shows section to discover the complete schedule.

Did you know that it is possible to carry out your banking transactions on site?

Laurentian Bank ATMs on site

Laurentian Bank ATMs will be available onsite at the International Balloon Festival to make banking accessible throughout the festival.

Did you know that a team of first-aid workers provide a constant presence on the site?

St. John ambulance

A team of St. John Ambulance first-aid workers on the grounds will offer care and comfort to any person in need. Their services will be available from opening until closing every evening.

Did you know that an interactive exhibition answers questions from even the most curious minds about this mythical flying machine - the Hot Air Balloon?

Come and play in the sky

Come to visit the Hot Air Balloon Interpretation Center! Inside, in addition to historical information and activities, you will find games for toddlers including a luminous table with puzzles.The Come and play in the sky exhibition will attract both the little and the big. You are also invited to take a photograph with your child in a real balloon gondola!

Take full advantage of our festival to find your inner child!